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Introducing the EL129 ECU, a state-of-the-art engine control unit capable of running any multi-port injection engine. With a wide range of input and output options, this unit can be adapted to virtually any late-model automotive technology. The EL129 hardware features 129 pins on 2 connectors with dual high-speed USB interfaces for communicating to a PC host as well as logging to any off-the-shelf mass storage device.

Key Features:

  • 10 coil drivers supporting 0-5V coil packs
  • 10 injector drivers support high and low impedance
  • 17 analog voltage inputs
  • 6 analog temperature inputs
  • 10 low side auxiliary output drivers (supports PWM)
  • 6 VR input pairs
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 2 knock sensor input channels
  • 2 H-bridge motor controllers
  • 2 CAN channels
  • +5V output
  • USB ports for interface and onboard logging

Included In The Box:

(1) EL129 ECU engine management system
(1) USB communication cable
(1) USB data logging cable

Available December, 2015

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in

2 reviews for EL129 ECU

  1. mark

    I love this thing! I like to be able to mess with things and this lets me try basically any control logic or feature I please. I have it installed on what I call my FrankenFerrari which is a heavily modified 5.4l 4valve V12 with huge ITBs (with DBW), large ports, long duration cams, all the stuff the makes controlling is really hard….but with this ECU I can do stuff like add a feature to read MAP at each cylinder and adjust the cylinder’s fuel on the fly so even as the TBs go out of sync it still runs right. My oil pressure sending unit is currently out of production, no problem I installed a pressure transducer to get pressure into the ECU then use a pwm output to drive the gauge. So far its been able to do anything I can dream up, I couldn’t ask for more. It is import to understand though that you need to create the control model which takes some time and can seem overwhelming at first, but the Enginelab console is pretty easy to work with and lets you simulate everything before you try it on a real engine and you can write it anyway you like and easily add whatever feature to you want which I just love. This thing has really soiled me, I don’t know how I lived with the other ECUs I used in the past.

  2. seth.ravndal

    Seth – 31-Oct-2017
    Amazing hardware and software customization!!!!
    If you are looking for a customizable ECU with powerful hardware and a user interface that makes programming easy you are on the same quest as I have taken. After many industry and performance trade shows over many years and tons of correspondence with ECU manufacturers from all over the world and actually purchasing and using ECU’s from multiple manufacturers I have concluded this is by far the most powerful and easy to modify/customize. Whether it is advanced CAN network communication, user configurable I/O, custom function/system development, you can’t find more powerful hardware and software as competitive as the EngineLab E129.

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