Why use EngineLab?

  • The EL approach is a simple and direct approach to developing the algorithm
  • The Enginelab system does not require any 3rd party licensing, making it extremely cost effective
  • From simulation to prototyping to production in the same environment. A single developer with a single tool can develop from concept to production.
  • The host and the target architecture are unified which allows for development testing and calibration in a single tool.
  • Both hardware and software plant model development for Hil (hardware in the loop) and Sil (software in the loop) testing.

Who should use the EngineLab tools?

  • End users can purchase a controller and develop to their imagination.
  • Companies can use the EL development environment to create products of their own.

Who currently uses EngineLab tools?

  • EngineLab’s primary customer is AEM. The EL technology is at the core of AEM Infinity product line.
  • Formula SAE teams developing both the combustion and electric applications.
  • Racing enthusiasts interested in developing custom control algorithms.

What licensing is required to use EngineLab software?

None. An end user can use the tool without a license. The EngineLab software is free and there are no 3rd party tools required.*

*Volume customers for branded products should contact EngineLab for licensing options.